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Branding for the Millennial Generation

Branding for the Millennial Generation

Branding for Our Generation

In the past decade, “branding” has become a buzz word for businesses and agencies as they prepare themselves to be launched into the market for the world to see. But just how powerful can your branding be? Although the term may seem trivial, your brand, if designed effectively, can be more powerful than you realize. In fact, we believe a company’s visual voice is so powerful that it can actually sell for you. A brand can establish and sustain a loyal and trusting consumer base, which can be a successful driving force for your business. But given everything else on your to-do list, why should branding be a priority? In short, millennials.

This generation’s appeal to visual language is higher than generations before it, and with millennials driving our economy now and in the foreseeable future, we need to understand why they value branding so much in order for your company to take advantage of this vast market. First, let’s step back and look at what branding is and how you can navigate your brand story successfully.

What Is Branding?

While most associate branding with a logo, it may start there but it certainly doesn’t end there. Branding is the message your company is sending through all the touchpoints — or in some cases, lack thereof — it encounters. For those that think a logo is enough, there’s a significant chance they are hindering their ability to truly connect with their audience. Branding is a visual voice that essentially allows your company to be seen, heard, and known. It’s the sum of all the parts that consumers experience when in contact with your company, product, or service. And why is it so important to have this visual voice? It creates trust and understanding between you and your audience. Looking at the mere-exposure effect, or familiarity principle, we know that familiarity is the foundation of trust and dramatically influences your consumers’ decisions to invest in your brand. And why is this visually-based trust the first step of tapping into new audiences? By understanding how you can visually tell your brand’s story, you can impact, align, and benefit from the millennial generation by establishing trust founded upon clear communication of who you are.

Millennial Mindset

Navigating your brand message for the millennial generation starts with recognizing what drives this powerhouse of consumers to connect with your brand. First, we see a loosening grip on the market from larger corporations. These market giants that streamline mass-marketed products are starting to be overlooked as millennials push to support more localized, experiential products and companies. Millennials are more likely to buy from companies that hold fast to a higher value of trust and choice. Three out of four millennials are rallying behind brands they can emotionally connect with and prefer to buy an experience over a basic product. This means we should be focused on strategically telling more meaningful and authentic brand stories as we navigate the narrative in our ever-growing market.

This generation of big spenders remains loyal to brands they interact with. As a result, these dedicated consumers can help support your business as they build a sustainable customer base. We know that statistically, 50% of companies fail within their first five years of opening, many from the crucial error of the lack of customers. This trench of missed opportunity can be filled with the heavily populated millennial consumer base. Looking at this new generation’s ideals and habits will help inform how to navigate your brand narrative, thus leading to the creation of an audience that will rally behind you and your company.

Saturation Situation

In our current economic climate, business is becoming more competitive as the race for innovation continues. In an already overly saturated market, standing out will be a necessity. On average, businesses directly compete against 25 other companies in their industry alone. The average American is exposed to at least 4,000 advertisements in a single day, creating a need for capturing new customers and keeping loyal ones. With all the noise in the market, being heard takes more than a logo; it takes strategically navigating a visual voice that all audiences, not just millennials, can connect with emotionally to clearly understand who you are so they can stand behind you confidently. Listening carefully to what the millennial generation flocks toward can keep your brand one step ahead of the continually crowded climate that our economy encounters today.

Bound By Purpose

We believe that your brand can be seen, heard, and known, which as a result creates a powerful and purposeful movement in your market. As a team made up of young strategic brand specialists, we have the ability to tap into the millennial mindset and navigate your brand’s story to create your visual voice. To talk with a branding specialist on how you can navigate your brand story in the market, contact us today using the link below and scrolling to our contact form.

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