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How Does Product Packaging Influence Consumer Decisions?

How Does Product Packaging Influence Consumer Decisions?

Think about the last time you picked up a new product, maybe one outside of your typical purchase. What was it that piqued your interest? The material? The illustration? The typography?

We can look to notable companies for innovative packaging design and inspiration, like the shoe giant Nike and their airtight alternative to shoeboxes crafted for a recent Nike Air campaign. But now, these future-forward packages don't only come from the household names, but smaller companies are getting in on the importance of aesthetic satisfaction as well. The inventive indie beverage brand Olipop, for example, features product descriptions that resemble the simplistic and health-forward ingredients, with no compromise to flavor. With Olipop's commitment to their brand, the aesthetic connect their products to their values in an innovative and memorable way.

Often overlooked or undervalued by company owners, studies have shown that packaging design plays an integral role in consumer communication and experience. One study reported that 81% of consumers tried a new product because of its packaging, and 63% have purchased a product again because of the appealing packaging design.

So how does a company harness the power of packaging as a marketing tool to influence and communicate with potential customers? What does “good” or “effective” packaging look like? How are the most important aspects of a brand imparted through the package’s design? Read on to learn more from Oath’s perspective. (p.s. That’s us! A graphic design agency specializing in expressive packaging and design).

What is Packaging Exactly?

Packaging generally refers to a product’s container and/or wrapper—the covering of a product used to protect it from elements like storing and handling. Packaging design is your consumer’s first encounter with your product, and most likely your brand, so its appearance is vital to marketing and promotion. Seemingly simple, but rooted in performance, typography, color, shape, and material are all exterior elements that carry a lasting impression.

Why Packaging Design is Important

Packaging can set your product apart from competitors, especially in highly saturated markets. When faced with two or more similar products on store shelves or online, consumers often form a brand perception as influenced by the aesthetics of the packaging. Packaging design can also engage and convert these potential consumers as the design invites them to read more of the product’s label and showcase your brand’s (and product’s) quality.

What Makes Good Packaging Design?

It creates a memorable experience

Rather than a simple storage container or label, packaging can transform consumers into advocates for your brand. Designing a one-of-a-kind experience that creates a lasting impression that consumers want to be a part of is key.

It attracts and converts potential buyers

Your product should stand out, trigger emotional engagement, be attention-grabbing, and be impactful.

It promotes why consumers should choose your brand's product

As all graphic design necessitates, packaging design should create recognizable, consistent branding and successfully differentiate a brand from its competitors.

It protects the product and functions well

The packaging should be durable and functional for the specific handling, storage, and use of the product.

If you are searching for a graphic design firm to address your packaging design needs, look over some more of our work for a few visual examples, and contact us for more information.

Outside The Box: Eco-Friendly Packaging

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the recycling rate of packaging and containers was about 54% in 2018. Landfills received 30.5 million tons of material, totaling about 21% of total landfilling. Even though we have made significant improvements to recycling and product waste over the past three decades as a country, companies continue to move toward minimizing their impact with sustainable packaging. 

Consumers are in support of this move as well. As reported by the World Economic Forum, of 30,000 people surveyed around the world, over two-thirds of respondents were willing to pay more for sustainable goods. The trends are undeniable: your customers care about your carbon footprint and align strongly with brands that are intentionally good with their process and materials. Paper-based and plant-based materials in particular are attracting industry interest as the tone around packaging materials shift. Companies focused on sustainability and maintaining a better future will no doubt be interested in incorporating these environmentally-conscious packaging options.

Quality Graphic Design and Packaging Experiences at Oath Agency

At Oath Agency, we focus our creative energy on designing around what grabs consumers’ attention in saturated markets while staying true to a brand’s mission, vision, and ethos. We are a branding agency that takes pride in creating quality packaging experiences that will cultivate more engagement and first-time buyers for our clients.

Whether you have a brand new product or an existing product in need of a design “face-lift,” our design agency can help. Check out more of our work as featured on our Instagram, and contact us with your project—whether you’re a new or established brand, the Oath Agency team can help build your presence.

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